google-chrome: signature from .... is unknown trust

I install manjaro i3
and want to install google-chrome.

sudo pacman -S google-chrome
error: google-chrome: signature from .... is unknow trust
do you want to delete it?

nest I think my pacman-key has problem

sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys

signatures not checked due to missing keys

please give some advice .thanks

As far as I know, google-chrome isn't in the repos. Are you using manjaro?

First always make sure you are synced and updated before installing software:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu
Second, google-chrome is in the AUR, so you need to use an AUR helper instead of pacman.
If your keys/trust issue persists the search is your friend:

Please do remember that installing using -S alone can lead to partial updates which is not supported. Please see

The opensource version Chromium is in the repos where Google chrome is in AUR.

Depending on which on you install them differently


sudo pacman -Syu chromium

Google Chrome

pamac build google-chrome

The truncated part will tell you who signed the package.

It's not a Manjaro package so you should ask whoever you got the package file from for help.

yes, but I add mirrorllist of the Arch.
Is there a problem with the way I add it?

Arch does not have Google Chrome either.

So we still don't know how you have it in your pacman repo.

I set mirrorlist "",
I can find the packge with ""

Please install the archlinuxcn-keyring first.
Then you can install packages from that repo.

Also keep in mind that archlinuxcn is targeted at Arch stable. If you are using this repo you should switch to the Manjaro unstable branch.

thanks, I solved my problem