Google Chrome grabbing focus from other applications

Lately I've been having trouble with Google Chrome grabbing the focus from other active windows. Literally: if I am browsing with Firefox and Google Chrome is in the background, Google Chrome will occasionally pop to the front and becomes the application with focus.

I haven't been able to pinpoint if there is a specific tab responsible or if it is Chrome by itself.

Anyone got a clue?

P.S. Yes, it's Chrome because my employer uses Gsuite and other assorted webtools, so Chrome is the browser I use to contain that set of work. I already use Firefox, Chromium, Brave and Opera for other domains/purposes, so I'd like to get Chrome to behave again.

Well, I'm using Plasma, not Cinnamon, but in Plasma there is an option regarding focus stealing prevention with multiple settings ─ "none", "light", "medium", and so on. Doesn't Cinnamon have something similar in its configuration tool?

Thanks! There was an option in the Cinnamon Windows settings to prevent applications from stealing focus. I have turned that on. Let's see if it works.

Strange though, I've been using Cinnamon since 2012 or so and I have never needed that option before.

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Probably some update to chrome has made it focus hungry.

Thanks GOOGLE! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Meh, it's just you're now part of a focus group.


Hah... now if only I could figure out where to leave my feedback as a focus group tester!!!

A few possible places below...:

  1. Alphabet (Google)
  2. Facebook
  3. Amazon
  4. CIA
  5. FBI
  6. DHS
  7. NSA
  8. GCHQ
  9. MI5
  10. Europol
  11. FSB
  12. Mossad
  13. ...


I think most of those are covered by default when turning on any device :shushing_face:

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That's a dirty dozen for sure.

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