Google Chrome drag and drop behaviour

Dear all,

I have been looking for a solution to this but I can not seem to find it, so I am hoping any of you know the answer.
So here is the issue:

I installed Google Chrome through the UAR successfully and all seems to be working fine. However when i try to drag an image to the desktop (or a folder) that has a link embedded, for some reason it copies the link and not the image.
When I do the same on xfce or even on windows it successfully copies the image, yet I can not get it to work in KDE plasma.
Now I much prefer KDE, but the drag and dropping of images is crucial to my work flow.
Yes I know I can also right click and save, but this is much slower then just dragging and dropping.

Any idea how to get this working in KDE?

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You have to enable it in the clipboard settings. Right-click the clipboard icon and choose “Configure Clipboard”. Then you’ll see this dialog… :arrow_down:

Untick the ckeckboxes labeled “Ignore images” and “Text selection only”.

That did not work :frowning:

Still the same.

To try it yourself you can go to google search and just search for an image. Then try to drag this image from Chrome to a folder.

No one else got any idea?

Please let me know if you need more input. I tried to look for it in KDE and Dolphin settings but could not find anything. I even installed another file manager and set it as default but that also did not work. So if anyone has another idea where to look, then I would be grateful to hear it.

For drag and drop to work in Google Chrome you have to have the image opened in a tab as path to that image and not clickable link to it.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I noticed that if it involves just an image and not one with an embedded link it works fine. I figured somehow it chooses the link over the image. This is even standard behavior for Firefox but not for Chrome normally.
With another Desktop environment, windows or even on MAC it works fine even when there is a link embedded. So KDE does something different than any other DE/OS to overrule the default chrome behavior. I just cannot find any place to adjust this.

Im not running kde but cinnamon so may not work. I use chromium (which chrome is based on) and I can drag and drop images like you want to. Might be worth giving chromium a try

Like I said, other DE’s seem to be fine. This behavior is only in KDE.
However I tried chromium just to be sure and it has the same behavior as google chrome. So no luck.
Note that if the image does not have a link embedded all is fine, it is only when the image has an embedded link (like in google image search results) that the drag and drop results in it copying the link instead of the image. And this only in KDE.