Google Calendar spam

I have won an Iphone!!!!

It has taken me nearly an hour to find and remove calendar spam! 10+ "events" appeared in my partners calendar, purporting to have come from me, but were not displaying in mine.

I had turned off add events from gmail, but they still got in from somewhere. I turned all settings on until I could see them, then deleted them.

If I could dump Google for this I would, but her indoors loves it, well until today :rofl: and we need to share a calendar :slight_smile:


I use Google Calender all the time, and I've never had that problem.

Just today I signed up for a Webnar and they wanted to use calendar as a reminder. I didn't allow.
Now I wonder if that is how spam gets into calendar.

Its rife, appears to have started at the end of August:

And I can keep going.......


I had to rescue my friend from this garbage.

Anything to get their ads for Peen pills or hot russian ladies in your face.


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How do I turn this feature on?



Not exactly a solution, just a workaround :rofl:

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The same thing happened to me.
Report it to Google. And solved.

This was last Thursday.

guys. just stop using gmail / google service's. problem solved. :wink:

take the blue pill, not the red one Neo...

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The blue pills also have a beneficial side effect, they stop me falling out of bed :rofl:


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