Google blocks access logging from Linux browsers Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser not enough secure

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It’s time most people banned googles services.



Can access all Google services with

Application version: 3.1.0
QtWebEngine Version 5.13.2

KDE Frameworks 5.64.0
Qt 5.13.2 (compiled against 5.13.2)
The xcb window system

Google Chrome

Version 79.0.3945.79 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

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This is fake news.
They don't ban the browsers for being on linux.
They were blocked because the devs don't follow security standards (and not even Google's standards).


I read comments reddit and bleeping and seems you have damn right :wink: One guy on reddit made post with pic and go on... :wink:

If the account service was checked
App - Services, 2 Factor etc.

Account - Services

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I got the same block today on Firefox, when using a different useragent (Chrome's). Removing the spoofed useragent let me sign in.

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Again, they are not blocking because it's not Google. They were blocking it because they can't prove it follows security policies.

I already had this discussion on Reddit, where some people even straight out argued that they should have the right to use knowingly insecure browsers (while several of them also are privacy obsessed normally, but now when there's a chance to blame Google for anything new, they suddenly don't care at all about their privacy or security anymore).

Also, for what it's worth, all my Google services work absolutely flawless with two different versions of Firefox, without spoofing User Agent on Gmail, Calendar, Photos and Google Drive. I use Nightly on Windows (works!) and Stable on Linux (also works!).

Google services also works on Vivaldi. I bet the spoofer is detected as suspicious.

Ugh. Even more than i wish gaggle, farcebuck & twatter would instantly vapourise, i so so soooooooo wish that this execrable vacuous pejorative could be struck for all time from all languages, & keyboards the world over that were used in an attempt to type it would immolate. :face_vomiting:

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Fine. This is unsubstantiated clickbait.

Just because it is often used incorrectly does not make the term itself faulty.

[if that were the case we would have already had to come up with different words for 'gay' or 'communist' or even 'christian' or 'muslim' and so many others]

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I agree, tis just that the merest implication of Orange Idiocy makes me vomit.

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This is why you either cant stand, or religiously watch james and the giant peach ?

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Damn, even without a webcam i have been hacked!

Sometimes I feel we have all been hacked...

Then I realize there are black-and-yellow boneheads to deal with either way :smiling_imp:

I can't. I just got kicked off with that error message.

ALO ! GOOGLE , :poop::speak_no_evil: :monkey_face: its' Time for GOO to HELL ! :poop::poop::poop::poop:

im Leave all google ''services" !

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totally understandable move.
On many distributions, those Desktop environment - developed "browsers" are outdated as hell and won't see updates for months or even years (looking at you, Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS and many others)

It's high time that more services block insecure browsers, or browsers that can't proof that they are secure by having a working updating mechanism.

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google was and is in the wrong for blocking online accounts in plasma.

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and with what arguments?

Seems like you don't work in anything related to internet security. I work in that field, and outdated and insecure machines accessing the internet are a rapidly growing thread to the whole internet. (Keywords: Botnets, DDoS Attacks, hacking etc)

The step google took is one of many highly necessary steps.

Edit: If the sync tool for google integration in Plasma identifies itself as one of the blocked browsers, than thats easily changeable because it is only collateral damage.

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