Goofy but should be simple question about Alsa access

So short story quick as I can.

Lost all sound while a Steam game was running. Could not get it back through all the usual options. Try Try Try = nothing.

I fixed it today… Problem is I don’t remember how…

I accessed some sort of Alsa panel that I discovered had a mute button, unclicked that and problem solved.

Now I can’t find that option again. I left it open so I could remember where I was but apparently it closes itself.

Can someone tell me how/where I accessed this? “Audio” only gives me some basics and not the window/panel I saw when I found the mute button had been activated mysteriously. Typing in alsa gets me no options to go too.

So like I said should be simple but I just can’t find it again.

Thanks in Advance!!

Perhaps alsamixer?

Isn’t alsamixer CLI only? I’d rather thought of pulseaudio.

@Yochanan / maycne.sonahoz

See I knew it was something really stupid >>>>>>> ME!

As FTL (the offending game) was playing as a last resort I clicked on the speaker in the taskbar. Under that there is “Devices” and “Applications”. For no apparent reason I can think of the application itself had been muted.

Oh and I looked for the alsamixer and pulseaudio and nothing came up as far as a gui for it or anything like that but THANKS!

Sorry I took up your time, just a bonehead thing I couldn’t remember what I did. Wish I had found this yesterday… DOAH!

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