Going to install Windows 10 and dual boot with my LUKS encrypted Manjaro XFCE - What do I need to watch out for?


I am intending to install Windows 10 alongside my Manjaro XFCE, which is LUKS encrypted.

I’ve seen plenty of posts re dual booting Windows 10 with Manjaro to update the grub via Chroot after I install Windows, although my concern is whether I need to set up a new Partition etc before I even start the Windows Install process.

My Manjaro setup is relatively new, so can backup the files in my Home directory to an external hard drive before if needs be.


Then you know it’s not recommended as Windows takes over your entire machine as it’s a bully that doesn’t like other kids in the same house… :sob:

The easy way would be to:

  • Use gparted Live to shrink your Manjaro partitions to the minimum needed
  • use CloneZilla Live to backup your computer using partition-to-image
  • Install Windows and let it ruin everything
  • Shrink Windows partitions using gparted Live (if needed)
  • Reboot to Windows and let it run a CHKDSK (if needed)
  • re-install Manjaro from USB (just a minimal version to get partitions similar to your old partitions so the next step is easier)
  • restore your CloneZilla Live Backup image-to-partition

The hard way would be to:

  • Boot gparted live
  • Shrink/move your Manjaro partitions to the end of the disk
  • ensure Manjaro isn’t using the first 3 partitions (so sda4 or after)
  • carefully install Windows 10 using the WinPE environment
  • Run into trouble anyway

So IMNSHO, for one PC, it’s not worth it doing it the hard way…

:man_shrugging: :sob: