Gog galaxy black window issue

installed gog galaxy from the app store and i get this black window when launched i can resize it and if i click on the top right i can minimize and full screen it.

i also have noticed that there are 2 gog galaxy folders the 171 folder is the only one there before launching and after launching i get this new linked current folder.not saw if that has anything to do with it but i thought i would mention it.

I don’t know how you installed it but there is a lutris script for it. Looking at the script it installs mfc140 for you which is a Visual C++ library component - it also sets a couple of launch parameters.

You can try and make these manual changes with winetricks or use lutris.

I have found these windows programs that render web views/pages are always a pain to run.

You do not need gog galaxy however and can simply use Lutris for nearly everything, I also found an unofficial gog client which is on the AUR also.

Edit: I’ve realised you mean the old client. I don’t know what you mean by ‘app store’ and afaik the old galaxy client is no longer supported.

looks like it is the snap version

as for lutris i find it very restrictive as lutris wants to do a complete fresh install.kind of sucks when you have limited data and you already have it on a windows HD and you want to move it over to linux but lutris says no it must be a fresh install.I don’t have to do that with steam or crossover and i would assume it is the same with wine.

but getting back on topic i’ll try the AUR version and see what happens.