GNURadio software bug with manjaro plasma but not ubuntu gnome?


I’ve just installed Manjaro plasma and ubuntu 22.04 gnome in double boot on a new ASUS vivobook pc. Overall, everything works perfectly on both sides except for a small problem on the Manjaro plasma side:

I make a lot of use of GNURadio Companion, a signal processing program in python/C++ that runs a QT graphics window. On the ubuntu gnome side, the application works perfectly without any bugs. With Manjaro plasma I have two problems:

  1. the icons in the menu bar are bigger and less attractive:

  2. more seriously, while everything is fluid under ubuntu, the QT graphics application launched with manjaro is completely buggy, impossible to interact with the window, it’s completely grayed out and blocked.

Any ideas? I’d like to use manjaro fully on a daily basis and not have to restart ubuntu for this application. Thanks

OK, bugs only occurs with Wayland session not in X11 with plasma.

But in X11 with plasma the tablet-mode is not working …

Well, I really don’t understand… but after starting the session on X11, everything seems normal with wayland too…?

So the problem is solved …?

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