Gnucash basic Q-A forum

I know it is weird to ask in this forum but I couldn’t find a eligible place to put this problem while deal with it. Their wiki related forum looks made for advance users.
Do u know anywhere Gnucash forum like this?
Need to ask about after data transfer problem weird thing?

You could start with the documentation

sudo pacman -Syu gnucash-docs

In any case you should ask in the Support

You should make clear statmen on app version and whether it is aquired as flatpak or from repo - even snap.

Always include basic system info retrieved using

 inxi -Fc0
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I’m not sure I understand.

This official site works, no?

For more ‘interactive’ help there is the IRC

Or is that what you are calling ‘too advanced’ ?

I echo this sentiment. Raise the query here unless you have some reason not to.


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