GNOME3 -> Can't search network drives on gtk3 filechooser (short time display and then nothing)


I have strange behavior… I normally use the search function to search files and folders how it normally goes on nautilus nowadays. On local drives it works, but not at gvfs or with systemd mounted networks drives. I tried it with nfs and smb,

The thing is… i search… just for some milliseconds it displays the result and then nothing. It just says it can’t search there. But it displays the result for some milliseconds. :man_shrugging:

I also added the folder to the search function at the settings and setup nautlius to search for all folders and not just local folders.

Directly on nautlius it works, but not when i use the filechooser when saving a file.

Maybe anyone knows if it is a bug or if there is a workaround?

Thanks for advance :slight_smile:

After some more research i found this:

Yes, i used a symlink from /mnt/nfs to $HOME/nfs … so seems to be this bug.