GNOME won a big court case!!!

This is a big deal. I thought about butting this in GNOME is great thread. Witch it is. But it a bigger subject. Gnome won a case that ending with a agreement not only protects them but also the Free software project.


Well done Gnome


GNOME "won"? It was a "walk-away settlement".


What the suit was about :

And this article is mild. Look anywhere else, and you'll see the plaintiff described as a patent-troll.

For those not familiar with english judicial vocabulary, can anyone explain what is a walk-away settlement ?

A bit more details, to understand the whole story :


In this case Rothschild Patent Imaging, and Leigh M. Rothschild realized that the lawsuit isn’t going anywhere and it’s not worth the effort and there doesn’t seem to be any money to go after, so they literally walked away, amicably with a last statement that sounds more like an advert for them :stuck_out_tongue:



GNOME could have sue for money. But went with protection from them and anything under OSI.

I can be quite the vindictive cow on occasion. In cases like these i wish the offending trolls had the book thrown at them.


This saves gnome legal costs of the trial but it also means the dodgy patents are still valid to be used against another (non open source initiative) defendant.

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At least we will not see any frictions between


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So there was a court case between gnomes and trolls? This sounds like pure fantasy!


And you have provided the dragon.
.. something is coming to mind ...


GNOME was represented pro-bono by Matt Berkowitz, Kieran Kieckhefer, Joy Wang and Larry Crouch from Shearman & Sterling LLP. GNOME and the wider free and open source community owes its thanks and gratitude to their tireless work over the past 10 months.

Props to these folks too.


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