Gnome with Vimix GTK theme, Zafiro icons & Nord colour scheme for terminal and gedit

Hey everyone,

Because of the lockdown situation I've had plenty of time to finetune my setup and I wanted to share. If I'm correct, this is the right category for that.

I use the Vimix GTK theme. With Automathemely I have Vimix during the day and Vimix dark at night. Because I write a lot, I made two scripts for Automathemely (with help from my brother, he'd want me to say this :wink:) which change the Sifr theme for Libreoffice along with dark and light mode, just like the colour of the 'paper'.

My icons are Zafiro, but with MenuLibre I've manually added a few, like the icon for my Whatsapp wraper and the icon for Nvidia.

The terminal and Gedit have the Nord colour schemes.

Until about 2 months back I used Fedora. Wallpaper is still from the awesome Fedora collections. This was part of the Fedora 30 supplemental wallpapers. I've used it ever since I found it.

[](http://Fedora 30 supplemental wallpapers)

In five years of Linux, my setup has never felt so "mine".
So I'm curious what you think. Let me know!


As someone who is really not a fan of Gnome, I must say, this looks very comfy. Well done!

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