Gnome will not start after update. Gnome shell coredump found in journalctl.


Hello all! I just attempted the 3/29 stable update, and it ended in gnome shell crashing. The login screen will show up, but after logging in, iam sent back to the login screen after a few seconds. I have heard this may be a fault of some pesky extensions. How do I know which extensions are causing this, and what to disable after I do a TS restore, and try again?


I think you do not need to restore via timeshift. You can disable all extensions from tty see:

You than can try out which do work. Also see this:

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Tracker-store is now coredumping, but somehow I just got gnome to start. I think I manually removed the “extensions” extension.


It seems as though many things changed in this update, and I might be better off just waiting on this one as very few extensions will run on 3.32 at this point…


NO all the useful extentions are up to date just do what @kdemeoz suggested it will be fine.


Alright. Trying the update one more time


Thanks everyone! It worked, but the manjaro updater now has no icon… how can I fix this?


Ensure you have Enabled the Pamac Updater in Tweaks - Extensions.


Yes. I can click on it, and it says system is up to date, but there is no icon.


How strange! I shall defer to the many proper Gnomers here [me being a total amateur with it] who i hope might be able to help you. For me, my cute little red icon works well in the SysTray, & it has a fabulous dropdown list of the individual packages to update… i like this even better than how it works in Plasma. Good luck!


What extension are you using? I might as well test it!


just came across this thread that seems to be the same issue, depending on what icon pack you use

Update icon in panel gone

Sorry, i might be misunderstanding you… but in the Stable Update thread i posted a picture showing all my current Extensions. Does that help at all?





Given mine is not 100% GNOME, but 50% GNOME & 50% KDE, maybe my G SysTray Pamac icon is better-behaved than yours as some kind of legacy interaction with KDE? Dunno, just guessing.

OT - just saw a bug. See the pic’s date & time? Wrong; it’s actually 13:16 on 1 April here. Hmmmmm.


it’s not playing nice with certain icon themes

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OK ta.

Hahaha this is too funny. Note in my pic above, there’s 10 updates [Unstable VM]. I’ve now done them & rebooted, then tried twice to login to G. However…

If this was my real OS rather than just a play-thing, i’d probably not be laughing so much.

EDIT: Now fixed; it was a mesa bug… Mesa 19.0.1-0.2 issues

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Mesa 19.0.1-0.2 issues

check the dip gyro and the flux capacitor extensions :joy:


Will do, but what’s your opinion on me crossing the streams?

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no no, one must never do that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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