Gnome will not start after update. Gnome shell coredump found in journalctl.

Thanks everyone! It worked, but the manjaro updater now has no icon… how can I fix this?

Ensure you have Enabled the Pamac Updater in Tweaks - Extensions.

Yes. I can click on it, and it says system is up to date, but there is no icon.

How strange! I shall defer to the many proper Gnomers here [me being a total amateur with it] who i hope might be able to help you. For me, my cute little red icon works well in the SysTray, & it has a fabulous dropdown list of the individual packages to update… i like this even better than how it works in Plasma. Good luck!

What extension are you using? I might as well test it!

just came across this thread that seems to be the same issue, depending on what icon pack you use

Sorry, i might be misunderstanding you… but in the Stable Update thread i posted a picture showing all my current Extensions. Does that help at all?



Given mine is not 100% GNOME, but 50% GNOME & 50% KDE, maybe my G SysTray Pamac icon is better-behaved than yours as some kind of legacy interaction with KDE? Dunno, just guessing.

OT - just saw a bug. See the pic’s date & time? Wrong; it’s actually 13:16 on 1 April here. Hmmmmm.

it’s not playing nice with certain icon themes

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OK ta.

Hahaha this is too funny. Note in my pic above, there’s 10 updates [Unstable VM]. I’ve now done them & rebooted, then tried twice to login to G. However…

If this was my real OS rather than just a play-thing, i’d probably not be laughing so much.

EDIT: Now fixed; it was a mesa bug… Mesa 19.0.1-0.2 issues

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check the dip gyro and the flux capacitor extensions :joy:


Will do, but what’s your opinion on me crossing the streams?

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no no, one must never do that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Aww. If that’s Gnome’s crash screen, I love the picture. It’s sooo cuuute!


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That’s what you get by using Manjaro= fake Arch Linux Lol :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

…really ???

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