[GNOME, Wayland] Brave drag'n'drop doesn't work


I recently switched from XFCE to GNOME (with wayland and fractional scaling enabled due to a HiDPI monitor). After installing and starting brave, I found that fonts, etc. were blurry and tiring to read. I found (somewhere on GitHub IIRC) that adding --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland to ~/.config/brave-flags.conf fixes the blurry fonts.

The drawback is that it breaks drag and drop on most sites. Examples are: Conceptboard, Sendinblue’s email drag and drop editor, a couple drag and drop upload forms here and there).

So, it’s either blurry fonts or broken drag and drop. Is there a solution for it?
Do you know another/better way to fix the blurry fonts?