Gnome wants to drop snap [ $? -eq 0 ]

Canonical's total privatization of snap target doesn't please everybody.


“Ubuntu is dropping gnome-software and by doing so, making it more difficult for users to install flatpaks. When we accepted snap support into gnome-software, it clearly weakened flatpak’s position, but we did so because we wanted to make it possible for Ubuntu to ship gnome-software and contribute back.”

If Ubuntu is switching to something else instead of gnome-software, there is little point for us to continue to promote a technology that competes against GNOME’s flatpak.”

Ubuntu forums are, by the way, full of help requests for nonfunctioning snap packages (most of the time unwanted, by the way).

A little compared practice of snap and flatpak shows the difference between massive garbage and selected quality??


Sounds like a great idea for once from the Gnome devs.


I wonder how snap support in Manjaro Gnome will be affected

XFCE and Gnome will come with Gnome-Software and our KDE edition has Discover , both with snap support enabled.

Will this snap drama end someday?:no_mouth:
I suppose that only official editions will have snap support preactivated or will it come to community ones eventually?

Another good example of why you should never become dependant on something Ubuntu is involved with.


I posted my thoughts in another thread which I'm going to move over to here. Wasn't really appropriate in an announcement thread anyway. But since there's a thread for it now!

Canonical is positioning themselves, because of their install base, to put pressure on other "container apps" so only snap is left or the most dominant so it can eventually be monetized in some way. IMHO Perhaps on the server end of their market?
It's obviously harming the end users however.

How it effects Manjaro on the other hand I don't want to speculate. I'm just a happy Manjaro user. Plus since this is FOSS, I can uninstall it if I choose. :wink:

It's clear Canonical hasn't learned their lesson. I guess they fancy themselves as Google/Microsoft. Pfft.

Having snap support means only having snapd and its service enabled which does not cause any problems.
No snaps preinstalled

Changed to snap support :+1:

The funny part to me is that Ubuntu seems a little premature in making this move at this point. They would have been much better to have played nice with Gnome for a little while longer until they gained the predominant share of the container apps users. To me this seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot by making this move so soon. This will most likely end up costing them market share by doing this so soon. It's already created a backlash with Gnome and it's not going to play nicely with them because of this.


So, same old Canonical then? Just more worser? :wink:

I think you're spot on. Thins will be interesting to watch how it unfolds.

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I could be wrong but, I think they're rushing things to prove they have a plan for creating revenue with snaps. They're trying to make their long term prospects for profitability look better to potential investors/buyers.

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I'll give them $20 if they quit being idiots.


Don't do that, it's too entertaining watching them shoot themself in the foot.


So not having been in the FOSS community long...
Just the short while I've been following this stuff Canonical seems to constantly be in the news for bone-headed shenanigans. Is this normal for them or is this a recent development?

OTOH, it's hard to feel bad for GNOME, considering their track record in dealing with their users.

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This article determines some turning points for Ubuntu development


In a pissing contest between GNOME & Canonical, it's a draw. But Red Hat vs. Canonical ends with Canonical getting trounced.


Shuttlecock really is a snake in the grass ... with all the talk of their impending IPO Canonical will do anything to inflate revenue figures.

As contributors to the FOSS community they simply cannot be trusted.

Phil got played.

IBM vs Microborg ... eventually.


This smacks of VHS versus Beta Max all over again. I really don't give a hoot which packaging format wins this particular battle as I intend to avoid both at all costs.


Problem with Canonical is everything they develop inhouse ends up being Beta Max ... eventually becoming landfill.

The whole Ubuntu Convergence pipe dream, Unity, Mir, Ubuntu Touch, even Unity for TVs (:scream_cat:) ... Canonical eventually want the snap store to be like the Microborg store ... simply one reason why it will fail.

Maybe UBPorts can make something out Canonicals discarded flotsom, probably not though.


Only Ubuntu was success on the base of which its still surviving