Gnome Version 20.2 is amazing for gaming!

Just set up and tested my gaming on the new version.

I wasn’t expecting what happened next…

Tested 2 Games

Civ VI(All Expansions) Improved by a 1Sec in Graphics Test Dropped from 25.45 to 24.45

Tome Raider I gained 5 FPS went from 61 to 66FPS

Great work!!

My old scores were from Manjaro fully updated and same kernel as Gnome 20.2 but was Cinnamon version of Manjaro.

Happy Camper here! :slight_smile:

Update: My Cinnamon Version just updated and so I retested it.

Civ VI 23.67 Now beats Gnome

Tomb Raider only got 41FPS?? Weird

Retesting on RT Kernel soon…

Just tested on the 5.9.1RT Kernel for Cinnamon basically same scores as above. So sense the Cinnamon update for some reason Civ VI improved and Tomb Raider lost 20ish FPS?

Gnome is looking like my new gaming home! :wink: