Gnome user password problem

I just installed the gnome version and don’t use a password but why when I want to install and remove software I’m always asked to enter a password even though I didn’t use a password when installing Manjaro how to fix it so that the password is not asked?

… try leaving it empty then?
Of course you will still be asked to provide your non existent password.

I’m surprised that this is apparently even possible.
IMO it shouldn’t be possible to install a system without a user and/or a root password.
The installer should enforce it.
It’s another thing to be logged in without having to provide it first.
But it should exist - the installer should enforce it.
At least a root password …
Otherwise anyone could do anything on the machine, root or not.

Many users are annoyed of passwords - probably because they have grown with Windows - which began as a single-user non-networked system - even printers was physically connected to the computer.

That means there was no need for passwords - you needed the physical computer to use it.

Unix based systems however, has always been networked, multi-user system - hence there has always been a need for a permission based system with users and groups.

That is why you are required to use a password - even if empty - read the following but be sure you understand the implications.