Gnome Top Bar [ Bug ?? ]

Hey everyone,

Recently on a fresh install I've been unable to remove Title of the current open Window; no matter what I do it always remains, how can I solve this? In this screen shot it shows the name of the current Window, "Ho..." This is what I'd like to remove entirely, to not have it display the name of anything. This is just the standard Gnome menu at the the top.

I'm pretty sure that's just GNOME.

If you want more customisation you probably want to try Cinnamon or KDE.

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One of which is Great, IIRC... :smiling_imp:

How can I install KDE on top of my current Manjaro install and make it my default DE, suggestions?

Although, I would try it out in a vm first and ensure you like it. Installing a bunch of different DEs can leave your home folder a mess.

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Can't I remove Gnome afterwards?
I'm already installing KDE :slight_smile:

You certainly can, but do so carefully in order to not remove something you want to keep due to dependencies. The key when removing software is to carefully review the list of packages before confirming.

On second thought I'm going to fresh install a KDE D.E; I only have 25GB for root directory; don't want to waste space with gnome; it would be rather tricky removing it.

The hard part of configuring this laptop is over anyway; configuring Windows; Linux#1, Kali Linux, /Home, Swap to all boot and function together under GPT/EUFI partition setup :slight_smile: Finally got rEFIned working a few days ago.

KDE is excellent!!


Isn't it just!?!?

Now, as a condition of membership of our club, you MUST forthwith regularly visit Plasma is Great! & make gushing supplicanting OTT positive posts, no less than weekly. If you fail to comply, you will have Transgressed the Unwritten Law, meaning we will be entitled to let Dinsdale nail your head to the floor throw you out of the club. If that does not adequately motivate you, we'll follow up with Doug. :crazy_face:


No problemo! I'll check out the Club House asap...
You what else... I spent about 6 days; installing and reinstalling Linux and Windows to get a Bootloader working with EUFI and GPT and then I finally got rEFIned Bootloader working. BUT with the KDE version of Manjaro it installed a verison of Grub that boots right off the bat! Freggin awesome!

And this KDE runs so smooth; 5.0 Kernel, using only 1gb of ram; so many options, splendid, just nice :slight_smile:

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