[Gnome] Time in 12 hour format without AM/PM

I have dash to panel enabled, and the panel is vertical, so it doesn't have room for a long text display. I would like the time to be in 12 hour format, but without displaying "AM" or "PM", because that extra text makes it break up into separate lines.

Install clock-override extension and follow the instructions, on this tutorial


Thanks. I think I have the right syntax, and I logged out and back in, but it's still not displaying like I want. Please see screenshots and tell me what I did wrong.
The first screenshot shows the clock on my panel

Maybe I downloaded the wrong version, or it is not supported on current Manjaro Gnome?
My gnome version is GNOME Shell 3.34.2
I took the highest version of the extension that I could find:
shell version 3.28, extension 12

          %l %M %S

Please copy and paste this format

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It works. I get the hour on one line, the minutes on another line, and the seconds on a third line.
Then I deleted "%S" it reverts to 24 hour format. Wierd.
Now I see it is bug caused by "Dash to panel", when panel is vertical. Otherwise, the display is right.

OK. Please check GDateTime .

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The answer is probably there, but it's too deep for me. :fearful:

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Try: %l:%M

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