Gnome theme some windows are black


I just reinstall my computer with Manjaro.
After the installation, I restore all my home folder.

Some of my files seems to have a strange behavior on the theme, but even after delete all gnome folders in my home directory, I cannot retrieve the default Manjaro appearance.

For example here is what I get :
can’t add link or image (I’ll update when possible)
On msm_notifier --settings the background is black instead of white. Text is not clearly visible.

This is what i expect :
can’t add link or image (I’ll update when possible)

This is my “theme” configuration :
can’t add link or image (I’ll update when possible)

  • applications : Matcha-sea
  • cursor : Xcursor-breeze
  • icons : Papirus-Dark-Maia
  • Shell : Default

Do you have an idea why ?

Hi. msm_notifier and most of Manjaro tools are made with QT, which is different to the GTK backend used mostly in the rest of Gnome, so without seeing pictures, I guess there is where your problem resides.

In a default Gnome installation, I think Kvantum in the application chosen to theme those QT apps, so use it to change theme to one more appropriate to the GTK one.

Thanks for your answer.

I cannot post link or picture due to forum rules and new forum account.

I will check Kvantum.

Actually, I reinstall manjaro in a vm and copy default home folder to fix the issue.