Gnome terminal transparency instead of gnome terminal

Is it possible to ship Gnome terminal transparency with Gnome edition instead of normal gnome terminal? Sometimes update breaks the aur package as it follows arch update. So it would be nice if Manjaro replaces the normal gnome terminal and ship with Gnome Terminal Transparency package. Transparent terminals looks awesome. :star_struck:

As far as i remember gnome-terminal-fedora is what you are asking for. It should have a transparency option and is in the repo.

Yup…that also have transparency…but those aur packages break sometimes as they are updated after arch updates. Manjaro holds back updates to test them. About 2…3 months ago I used gnome-terminal-transparency from aur and one day it encountered a problem while updating. Same thing might happen with fedora terminal.

As i wrote above, the fedora terminal is in the Manjaro repo - prebuilt as a binary and will be updated by the maintainer, so this is not going to be an issue on update. The AUR is not supported by Manjaro for exactly the reasons you pointed out. If you are a heavy AUR user, then you should consider switching to the unstable branch as the AUR is targeting the Arch linux base which is closest to unstable and not Manjaro’s stable branch.

Ohhoo…I thought fedora terminal is also aur…ok I’ll try it. But wouldn’t it be better to just ship gnome-terminal-transparency by default?

If gnome-terminal-fedora is the same as gnome-terminal-transparency then there is no need to maintain another package.

It depends on the Maintainers of the Gnome edition if they like to ship it by default.

Should’ve maintained gnome-terminal-transparancy from the beginning instead of fedora terminal :crazy_face:
Will use fedora terminal now :grimacing:
& Thnx :smiley:

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