GNOME: System Tray in 3.34

I recognize that for some (incredibly stupid) reason, GNOME desktop developers decided to remove system tray functionality starting in version 3.26.

Since that time, various extensions have been created to "restore" the functionality.

With the introduction of GNOME 3.34, almost none of those currently work for all icons. For example, on one install of Manajaro 18.1 and GNOME 3.34.1, using a combo of KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support, TopIcons Plus, and TopIcons Redux get me a few indicators (e.g., Solaar, Syncthing), but not others (e.g., ProtonMail, Dropbox).

At this point, I am considering moving to a highly customized KDE desktop, crafted to look similar to GNOME.

Does anyone have a solution to restore all system tray icons in GNOME 3.34?

I use the Dash to Panel extension and the tray icons that I care about show up where I expect them to. :man_shrugging: Here's a shot of my desktop:

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KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support covers all my tray icons. Do you have the following installed?

  • libappindicator-gtk3: GTK3 application support
  • libappindicator-gtk2: GTK2 application support
  • libappindicator-sharp: .NET application support (probably not necessary)
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I use Dash to Dock, and have never used Dash to Panel. But I guess I could use them both; thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks @Yochanan, it looks like I did not have all of those installed.

I need to try that, as it doesn't look like the other extensions I mentioned are being maintained -- at least on the GNOME shell extension website (you can manually install their updates from GitHub).

That said, I was able to get the icons back by installing TopIconsPlus manually and disabling the other two.

Never mind -- just had to reboot! This solution added more icons that I knew I had. Thanks!

@Yochanan, sorry, one more question. I installed those and tried using only KStatusNotifier, but only get some apps showing up. Do you happen to have Syncthing (and Syncthing-GTK) installed? Do you see that indicator?

I just installed syncthing-gtk and the tray icon immediately appeared.

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