GNOME still reports 43.3 and not 43.4

Updated okay but Gnome still reports 43.3 and not 43.4?

Not all packages are updated with each GNOME point release. See the the list of updated modules and changes.

At the top main topic it makes it look/sound like 43.4 is all going to be installed/upgraded

So should this not be worded like “Some Gnome updates to 43.4”?

GNOME 43.4 is an official release. The updated packages included in that release are available. Therefore, you now have 43.4.

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Everything work fine with this release update but is it normal that in the “Settings” > About > Gnome version indicate 43.3 instead of 43.4 ?

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Yes, it’s normal.

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Because this was in the changelog for this update:

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FYI, I moved your posts to the relevant thread. Have you read it? :wink:

Yes, thank You @Yochanan :wink:

What You mean is that 43.4 will be updated in the Settings panel > About when all the gnome packages will be update to 43.4?

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The version in Settings does not always change with each point release.

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Yes, I’ve understand that but is it the reason why?

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Because that’s how things are, that’s why. Ask GNOME. :man_shrugging:

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