Gnome sometimes not recognizing keystrokes

Hello everyone!

I am using Manjaro now for more than three years and never had any problems. After this long time I recently completely reinstalled my computer. Since then I experienced a very weird bug about my keyboard: Sometimes, apperently randomly, certain (but always the same) keys do not work and I have to click them multiple times until the character is actually typed. The keys where I observed this to happen are the left Ctrl key (and only the left, not the right!), the Alt key and the ?. I wouldn't really bother about this but the randomly non-working left control key is extremely annoying. Also, and I noticed this only in the login screen, the 5 and 6 sometimes don't work for a few seconds.

Weirdly enough, the output of

xev -event keyboard

seems to respond to all keystrokes in all circumstances, so I am very certain that this is not a hardware problem.

Does someone have any idea what might be wrong?


For starters welcome to the forums
Please disable all Extensions and try again after a reboot.
If that does not fix it then I would next create a new user and see if everything is fine with the new users keyboard.
Obviously make sure you are completely up to date with $ sudo pacman -Syyu


I tried both your suggestions and the problem persists across new users and if all extensions are disabled. My system is upgraded. The fact that the problem also persists on the login screen indicates that it should not have anything to do with a user configuration, right?

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