Gnome-shell; extension dash to panel causes GS to core dump

Hello fellows,

as I previously created a thread about gnome-shell dumping core here:

and later failed to reproduce it in a reliable way, it still kept happening.
I finally was able to track it down to “” extension.

But it has to meet a very certain use-case - one must have enabled that the highlight and/or bar color is derived from the icons main color. When I do so, gnome-shell dumps when certain applications change their icon (e.g. gimp) that are - not - pinned as favourites.

The crashes also occured when updating the system using pamac-manager, and (I cant be sure) but it happened when MIME database was updated in the process (e.g. icons change or get added) like when I installed bluefish gnome-shell also dumped.

Since I dissabled the feature of getting the color from the icon the system is stable, can update using pamac-manager, can install stuff without crash, can open gimp without crash …

What would be needed to fix that (which logs?) and where should I go to, to do so?

Please read this:

Especially the What’s this upstream / downstream business? and then file a bug upstream…


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