gnome-shell 3.36, power button in user menu?

Hi, all; was the power button supposed to return to the top bar in the user menu with 3.36? Mine is unchanged post-upgrade:


Is this the way it is supposed to be with Manjaro Gnome? I know the power button returned in Ubuntu 20.4 because I have that beta on a VM.


Ubuntu might patch Gnome differently. We use Gnome more or less stock with some tweaks. Most likely it is now in the dropdown menu.

That's how the top bar is supposed to look. Is the power button missing in the menu?

As far as I know 3.36 upstream dropped that button on top-bar. However there is an extension available. Most likely it is broken as not updated yet.

Thank you, philm. Yes, the extension puts the button on the top bar far right, but clicking it does, as you speculated, cause an error.

I'll keep an eye on it for an update, though, thanks again.

For anyone wondering, it's one of the things I miss most from the old Unity days on Ubuntu. Once Ubuntu dropped Unity, however, there was no reason to stick with Ubuntu and I tried Manjaro Gnome and have loved it ever since.

Okay, spoke too soon. I have Manjaro Gnome from Testing running on a VM and the User/System Menu looks like this:


So where does it come from in Testing?

That icon depends on if you are on battery or not. That VM does not see that the host system is on battery, so it tells gnome "we are on AC, no battery here!" and gnome is all "well, I'm gonna show the shutdown icon then instead."

Note that having a different icon does not alter the behavior. Clicking on the battery icon or the power icon does the same thing.

Hmm, interesting design consideration. And actually it appears the battery has to be physically removed to cause the power button to appear, just being present but on AC power causes the battery to still show rather than the power button.

Might be time to re-visit XFCE, but I do like Gnome.

Thank you!

Well, you could always go with CentOS 8, with GNOME 3.28 of about 4 years ago, or 7, with good ol' GNOME 2. :smiley:

I'm actually enjoying 8-Stream, a slow rolling release, though it tends to get a bit boring as a desktop user, compared with Arch or Arch-based.

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