Gnome settings wont open



I have a problem with running manjaro settings. When i click on settings icon spinnig wheel appears for few seconds and then nothing happened. I can’t open settings via gui and when i run this command in terminal gnome-control-center -v that show me an error: Bus error (core dumped), i’ve tried to find solution on google but unsuccessfully. What should i do to fix the problem?


Manjaro Settings and Gnome Control Center, are 2 different applications.

Whats the output of


That command opens Manjaro settings, then my question are related to gnome settings. I mean on that icon Screenshot%20from%202018-10-20%2019-44-48


That’s not helping. Both apps use the same icon. Can you try what @Strit wrote?


I am facing the same issue, Any solution?


i too have the same problem. Is there no solution?