Gnome release incoming, to do list and ideas

Gnome 3.38 came to unstable, and there seems to be a lot less breakage than usual. Most of the extensions are already working. So, we might get to release an iso quite soon.


  • web app manager included
  • pop-shell and material-shell shell included
  • tiling options in gnome-layout-switcher, work in progress

To do:

  • add tiling switch to gnome-layout-switcher
    • toggle pop-os keybindings with the switch
  • add material-shell layout (done)
  • improve qt theming
  • better welcome screen?
  • oem style install?
  • package selection in calamares?
  • better btrfs support for calamares?

The stuff with ‘?’ might not make it to the next release, but let’s see what can be done.

If anyone has ideas or wishes for the next release, post them here.



May I suggest a toggle in the welcome screen to choose between xorg or wayland?

It’s there already. Welcome screen has gnome-layout-switcher, which has toggle for wayland/xorg.

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Sincere apologize from mine :sweat_smile:

Been a while since i have seen the welcome screen…

It’s usually launched only once :slightly_smiling_face:

Wanted to try that neat little toggle, but does not seems to work for me…

I already activated Wayland (and know how to deactivate it), but the switch won’t toggle it off… :thinking:

Interesting. What happens when you toggle it? Btw, the setting takes effect only on reboot.

Oh, I indeed rebooted!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All it does is prompts me for the password twice to run /usr/bin/sed, then the switch remains activated …

I feel it’s great to have an AppImage Integrator/Launcher as a default application.

Also, maybe an option to install powerlevel10k zsh during the install process.