Gnome regularly dumps core

Hey together,

Since some weeks I find that gnome sometimes freezes and seem to reboot. (Often when I watch a youtube video on firefox and have many windows open, but I don’t think it is strict). So now I’ve chosen to investigate that further and therefore I’ve found that gnome dumps it’s core regularly. One of those coredumps can be found here: hastebin

Afterwards the gnome-shell startup is done, which shows that gnome failed to grab the accelerator, which does not exist in the path “/org/gnome/Shell” (my NVIDIA GPU). And it fails to get two extensions due to no metadata.json.
Otherwise I do not see anything interesting in the journalctl. (I once suspected the extension caffeine, since two subsequent core-dumps are directly after an error thrown by caffeine, but then I looked at others which does not have that.)

Therefore I’m asking you what ideas I could investigate to solve that issue.

Thank you for your answer in advance.

At least it’s not constipated!

OK, OK. I’ll let myself out.

I’m not a GNOME user, but I spotted the below, and there are some links to follow.

So next gtk4 version fixes it according to @karolyi