Gnome not able to add printer

After install manjaro gnome (full edition), I tried to add the printer in the settings but it did not work.
After installing system-config-printer package, it did work.

Maybe it is a better experience if it would be installed with the system so no extra steps are required to use a printer.

I understand to not include it in the minimal install, but for the normal install, I think it should be included.

Thanks in advance for your hard work! :wink:


When I first installed Manjaro 20 Gnome I wasn’t able to install my HP printer either.
However, doing some searching I found out all I had to do was to go to the CUPS website and add my printers URI and find the model in the drop down menu.

Manjaro now see’s my printer and the HP Device Manager works.

I know there are other ways of adding the printer, but if that package would have been installed, your printer would have been added automatically, so you would have been able to print out of the box without setting up anything.

In my opinion, that is more user friendly :wink:

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I’m all for user friendly.

The program was installed the problem was is that my printer is wireless so I had to perform an extra step.

I’m glad I found out what to do.

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It’s already an optional dependency of gnome-control-center and manjaro-printer.

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