Gnome - Monitors don't sleep anymore, login appears on secondary screen

I have a dual screen set up. I recently upgraded the smaller of the two to a larger screen so that they’re around the same size, an Acer 25" (new one) and a Samsung 24". After doing this I have a couple of issues. The Acer is now set as the primary instead of the Samsung, but the login screen still comes up on the Samsung when booting up. Is there a way to have it show up on the primary screen?

Also, I had no issues with the monitors turning themselves off after being idle with the old setup. After switching in the Acer, they would blank (black screen) but not turn off. After the big update yesterday, they just stay on indefinitely.

These issues are more annoyances than anything, but if anyone has a fix that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

I’m wondering if there is no feature in the monitor setup to switch-off after receiving no signal for a while. Have you checked this?

Yes, and this is what I had set before under Power in Gnome Settings. It’s still set to blank the screen after 10 minutes, which used to actually turn the monitors off after that time. I didn’t change any settings after switching out my old monitor. I don’t see anything in display settings that would control the screens blanking or turning off. It’s probably going to involve changing a config file somewhere, I just don’t really know where to start with that kind of thing unfortunately.

Any ideas on the login prompt being on the wrong monitor? The primary monitor is correct after logging in, but I assume I’d need some kind of script to run on boot to have the login screen be correct?