GNOME: left Ctrl and Super are swapped. Why?


Just am evaluating GNOME. Left Ctrl and Super are swapped, right Ctrl… Well, I don’t know what it does, but it isn’t Ctrl. Where are those settings breaking standard keyboard layout? The keyboard itself is an absolutely standard office keyboard with USB cable, arrows, home/end/…, numeric block, F1-F12… That is a keyboard as it known during ages :slight_smile:

There are some options in the gnome tweaks tool under Keyboard & Mouse
The settings you want to tweak with are probably under the Additional Layout Options

I’m not sure why in your situation they are swapped tho.

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Currently struggling with a 87 key keyboard that is recognized as a 105 one I want to add one other option for posterity. The manjaro settings manager has a keyboard model and locale selection option that could be a solution for these kinds of problems. (‘standard’ keyboards are not that standard sometimes :wink: )

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