Gnome layout switcher settings and reload button errors

Gnome layout switcher settings Automatic Dark Theme and Pop Shell when enabled don’t work and don’t show in system tray.

And when I click Reload, shows a window to logout (?)

Someone have the same problem?

That’s not related to Layouts. What exactly are you referrring to?

It’s a known issue. For now install gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell from Add / Remove Software manually.

On a Wayland session, one must logout / login for Extension changes to take effect.

Thank you, Yochanan!

I refer to -

Ah, forgot about that. :laughing: The Automatic dark theme option uses the Night Theme Switcher Extension. If you already have a light theme set during the day or dark theme set at night, you won’t notice anything happening.

Also, might this be another case of extension not being installed by default? :thinking:

Thank you, Chrysostomus!

Thank you, Yochanan!

Why have you marked @Chrysostomus’s post as the solution? What solved your issue exactly?

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