Gnome-layout-switcher dash to dock icon incorrect and Firefox accent color is blue

I recently updated Manjaro and noticed there was some new features with the Layouts app. After this update, I also installed gnome-shell-extension-custom-accent-colors to get back the maia colors. I now have maia colors everywhere but the lock screen and in Firefox. In Firefox, it seems the accent colors are still blue.

In the old Firefox Gnome theme, the blue accents in the images were green. Should the accent colors carry over from what I set in the extension? I do see this output in the terminal of the layouts app when enabling the Firefox Gnome theme:

No theme set, using default adwaita.
No theme set, using default adwaita.

I believe you can normally set -t theme with firefox-gnome-theme but the layouts app doesn’t seem to have a way to do this.

Additionally, the layouts app shows the default app icon now. I can’t seem to find where Dash to Dock gets the icons from.

Any solution to either of these are greatly appreciated.

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GDM is not as easily configurable as it once was. It now uses the default GNOME Shell theme.

We’re now using the upstream Firefox GNOME theme available via Layouts. The custom firefox-gnome-theme-maia package we had previously is deprecated and has been removed from the repos. We’ll see if we can adapt it to the Manjaro Maia theme again at some point.

Can’t reproduce. Nothing has changed that would cause that.

We’ve actually been working on Making Manjaro GNOME Maia Again. Put on your MMGMA hat and get ready. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Stay tuned for more.

I modified the title as best as I could.

Good to hear that there’s movement towards bringing maia back. I’ll look forward to further updates in this area.

I also cannot reproduce the issue I have in a virtual machine running a freshly installed than updated Manjaro Gnome. Do you have any hints where I could look to see why the icon that is shown in the activities screen isn’t shown on the dash?

The icon issue with gnome-layout-switcher seems to be Wayland-specific. Anything I can do about this?