Gnome launcher broke after updating

Hello all,

I'm not quite sure what has happened to my Gnome install. I did a fairly large set up updates with the recent 6-13-20 Manjaro update...

After the update, the Gnome Launcher will no longer display any applications. If I press Super and start searching for an application name, it will say "Searching.." indefinitely. If I press the launcher button in my dock to open it directly, the launcher appears blank with no applications in the application list. If I click the "Frequent" applications tab on this screen, Gnome crashes completely.

I've tried searching the forums and I can't find anyone having a similar issue at all... What in the world could cause this? Is there a log file where I can find errors related to this?

The problem appears to be with the Appfolders Management gnome extension. Disabling this extension solves the problem.

Because this Extension is listed as a Built-in Extension, I think this might be considered a bug?

edit: nope, extension is obsolete and should be uninstalled.

Built-in just means it's installed to the system (from repos/AUR) rather than to your user folder (Extensions website).

EDIT: The extension is obsolete:

PLEASE NOTE: According to the author's Github page, the functionality of this extension has been implemented into Default GNOME as of version 3.33. If you have something like Ubuntu 20.04 or Fedora 31, you DON'T NEED IT.

See the Extension page.

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okay, makes sense. This extension is apparently duplicated by features built into Gnome now. It must have been a legacy extension I still had (this Manjaro install is about 3 years old).

edit: looks like we both just saw and posted that info at the same time, lol.

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