Gnome-keyring not unlocking on login

Hi! I’m new to Manjaro, Linux, and this forum so hopefully I am posting this in the right place.

I’m on KDE Plasma and I have a keyring with gnome-keyring that has name “login”, and the password is the same password as my login password. I do not have automatic login. However, when I log in, I am prompted to unlock the keyring with a message saying something like “login keyring was not unlocked on login”. The keyring I’m using is my only keyring and it is set to default. I read wikiarchlinuxorg/title/GNOME/Keyring#Automatically_change_keyring_password_with_user_password (new so I can’t post links, assume dots between wiki and archlinux and archlinux and org) and did what it said in the " PAM step" section and the " --start step" section, but it still is prompting me to unlock. How can I make it so that the keyring unlocks automatically? (I don’t want to do the blank password solution).

I also installed what the article said in the “Installation”

Install seahorse and set the password there for the default/login keyring:

sudo pacman -S seahorse

Which password do you mean? I have the keyring password set to my login password through seahorse already.

I think I somehow solved this. I’m not exactly sure what I did, but aside from what I did in the original post, I edited the etc/pam.d/sddm and added

auth optional

at the end of the auth section and

session optional auto_start

at the end of the session section, because of the wiki article linked in the original post and the fact that kde wallet was being initialized in the same way.

I also re-installed seahorse, and have a Login keyring. Not sure if that was what did it, or the file editing.


GNOME-keyring instead of KDE Wallet in a KDE system? I admit I’ve never done that :slight_smile:

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