Gnome issue losing dark theme for top bar settings


Today I had some issues with my gnome DE losing the Dark theme settings (matcha-sea) for the top bar after resume from suspend. With a bit of research I found that gnome-shell-extension-nightshellswitcher, which is standard in manjaro-gnome, has been discontinued last month.
Don't know for sure this is the reason, but is seems prudent to remove this extension from the install.

Can I do this myself or should I wait for the next gnome update?

I dont have that extension myself but you should be able to disable it from extensions and remove it by going to the gnome-shell-extensions web page if you cant remove it from extensions on your system . You should find it in "installed"

Just run from terminal
sudo pacman -R gnome-shell-extension-nightshellswitcher
or do it trough Pamac UI.
You will get a warning that is required by layout-switcher but you can continue.

Maybe if was the night-theme-switcher that was also retracted from extensions site, but extensions installed from repositories trough Pamac or pacman, can't be removed from the site, because are residing in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ that require administrative privileges, while those from the extension site will install in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ ...

The page for that extension on gives me a 404 - Page not found.

That did it. Thx.

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