Gnome isses after 5-13-2022 update

I updated today (5-14) and am experiencing these two issues with Gnome desktop:

After booting and using the “super” key to view-and-select an installed app, none appear; only a blank screen. But if I suspend and then log in again the apps appear as expected.

Even so, if I see apps, but want to find one by typing in the name, it is found but I can’t select it or start it. I can only start it from the desktop dock or from the application category, like office (example).



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Does disabling all extensions logging out and in display the same behavior of the activities overview?

yes, turning off extentions seems to help, so I guess the Extentions & new Gnome version aren’t talking well. Thx


Looks like nobody even test if it updates correctly… This issue reproduced even on official latest image of manjaro gnome. Just install, update and first you will see after reboot is completely broken activities layout.
After experiments I figured out that problem is in built-in extension “Gnome 4.x UI Improvements”. Disabling it solve the issue.

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Thanks. :smiley:

Define broken.

I just updated a stable branch VM with no issues.

I have been experiencing the same issue with the Gnome Overview not showing the Workspaces on login.

It seems to have started after an update last night, but I haven’t been able to narrow it down.

It does seem to have to do with the Gnome 4x UI Improvements extention, specifically the “Hide Search” options. I am working on tracking down an error. WIll report back if I can find anything else out.

For now, if you disable “Hide Search” everything works as expected.

I’ve actually been meaning to make that a default setting. I’ve just done so with manjaro-gnome-extension-settings 20220517-1.

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For me what happened was that immediately after the update, pressing the Super key or pushing the cursor into the top left corner resulted in:

  • No smooth transition(s) to and from the virtual desktop display
  • Wrong background image in the thumbnails
  • No background image in the larger desktop panels
  • Left mouse button clicks no longer worked (I had to press Super to return to desktop)

Switching off the extension completely fixed the problem foe me - and I didn’t try anything else, not even switching it off and on again - but I’ve switched the extension back on since catching up with this thread and everything seems to work fine now.

Thanks! :smiley:

Looks like it fixed :slight_smile: I checked it in virtualbox and now it updates with no such issue.

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Unfortunately, I’ve found that the problem recurs after reboot (although not when the setting “Hide Search” is off).