GNOME is freezing and won't boot

Hey guys

A few months ago I did a package removal with “sudo pacman -Rdd” but then I reinstalled the package

But after that my GNOME stopped working

When turning on the system and logging into the personal account using GNOME it freezes and doesn’t show anything else, only the cursor appears

What could be happening? Does anyone know how to diagnose this problem?

I’m using XFCE instead of GNOME, I want to go back to GNOME back

Can someone help me?

What package?

Check boot logs as outlined here.

Package removed with sudo pacman -Rdd: gnome-settings-daemon

I already reinstalled it

Boot logs: this is the problem, how can I get then? I don’t know how to do this Haha

I don’t know how to look up the logs

I don’t know the command to invoke the logs, I don’t know the log names, I don’t know anything, I’m newbie Hahahaha

Hello, guys

I already posted some months ago a problem with my GNOME

The admin closed the post, without solution about the case

So, here, I will post the case again with the solution to contribute with the community

The original post is “GNOME is freezing and won’t boot” (you will need to find it because Manjaro Forum doesn’t allow post links here)

So, what is the solution? I will relate below

Hi guys, how are you?

I found the problem that was preventing my GNOME from working properly

I think it’s been over 1 week, I forgot to post the solution here

I have other users on my Manjaro but I never accessed them, only my main user

One day I needed to access another user and when I accessed this user, to my surprise, GNOME was running perfectly on it

So the problem was not installing the packages, it was something else

I immediately suspected it was the GNOME configuration files, which are in the user’s .config folder

So I went into the .config folder of the user who was having problems, deleted several folders that I believed to be GNOME configuration files and folders, but only for that user, not everyone

And then I went into the folder of the other user who had GNOME running perfect, I copied the files that were perfect (since this user I used little so the configuration files were closer to the “factory” files) for the user with problems , then I logged out of the user with problems, I entered my password but now choosing GNOME as DE and not XFCE, and that’s it, a miracle happened, GNOME was working normally

Basically the problem was this, GNOME configuration files, in the user’s .config folder, misconfigured

Deleting the misconfigured files and copying the GNOME files from another user who has perfect GNOME fixed the problem

(Of course we lost the DE settings we were using, but if you want to solve the problem starting from scratch is the way to go)

In this answer is a print of some of the posts I deleted, so everyone knows if there is a problem with this too

Thanks for appreciatte :raised_hands:t6:

Sorry about my poor english Haha

Image with the printscreen: 26sdxh4 at prnt dot sc (you will need to find it again)

It’s reopened now. Frede was systematically closing old posts earlier as part of forum maintenance.

:white_check_mark: Now you can mark it solved. :+1:

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