Gnome Integrated Notes - Custom Gnome help browser


Is there a way to create something similar to Gnome help browser (Super + F1), but with custom entries?

I’m looking for a way to make notes on the various programs I use and the command line arguments that accompany them, so I don’t have to visit the man pages each time to refresh my memory.

I’ve found a number of note taking apps I’ll probably end up using, but something quickly accessible and integrated to the desktop would be preferable.

Just use your favorite app and add a hotkey combo.

E.g. if you favorite is gedit then you create an shortcut to

gedit mynotes.txt

Thanks, I guess there are a number of ways to go about it.

Since I’ll be investing some time into this personal “wiki”, I’ve been researching my options.
I’ll unfortunately need more than a text file to dump everything in, since I’d also like to track usage exceptions, useful resources, bugs, etc. and keep it all neatly in one place.

Hoped someone else might have had a similar need and created a solution. But yeah, shortcut to a notes app might be the most straightforward way of doing it.

I would probably use the joplin editor - built from AUR.

Since it’s based on electron - some tend to avoid it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Found Notes-up in the repositories, but if it doesn’t work out I’ll give Joplin a spin.

Maybe Zim desktop wiki is something you could use?

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