Maybe the good old game gnome-hearts would be a nice addition to the Manjaro repos. I remember playing this some years back in Ubuntu but I cannot find it in AUR.

I believe all that is needed can be found here:


This is ancient software. It was dropped from Ubuntu 18.04 because of

unmaintained, depends on unmaintained libgnome

Something like that should not be part of the Manjaro repo.


I think there are viable maintained alternatives like aisleriot.

Unless gnome-hearts has been updated and offers something that existing software does not it will be a "no" from me.

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Aisleriot does not have a hearts game (very popular in some countries), but indeed gnome-hearts is very old and probably won't ever get updated.

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It looks like as there is a gtk3 port in rust.

Since everybody can create projects on I don't know how reliable it is.

It can be build with cargo build --release --locked , which results in an working binary.

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