Gnome Extensions

Running Gnome 42.1 and almost every extension I used to have after a recent update is no longer working. I also cannot see startup applications in the top bar (like caffeine, dropbox pacman update, etc.)

Any thoughts on debugging? I tried the gnome lg command but do not see errors.


That’s not really a case to debug.
All you can do is wait for the extension developers to provide an update.
Or are you looking for an alternative expansion during this time. (

For example, Open Weather indicates version 42. I install it. No errors. But also not visible in the top bar? Same with say Dash to Panel.


I use dash to panel myself with no problems.
Something else is wrong with your system.

Ok sure. Any thoughts on debug approach?

Make sure your system is fully up to date: Use Pamac to refresh mirrors & then check for updates.

Maybe 1 extension is causing an issue?
Make a note of the ones you use before you… .Turn them all OFF, then enable them 1 at a time.