Gnome extensions only starts after login


I have some extensions on my Manjaro Gnome who influence the design. When I boot the system and want to login the extensions aren’t running. They only start after login. Is there a way to start them on booting?


Extensions are enabled per user, not by the system.

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Ah ok. Thats good to know. Is there a way to set them system wide? It would be cool if every user has this constellation of extensions.

This should explain more about GNOME Shell extensions :: Fedora Docs
While some extensions (as those provided by Manjaro) are system wide, they are still enabled at user level, but GDM will not inherit any of them unless Gnome adopts it as official.


Thank you. That helped me to understand how the extensions work. I have some extensions who I would have mandatory. Such as my own modified theme, but that only workes when the user themes extension is enabled. There are also some other cool extensions I found but its ok when the user disables it.

I’m still struggling to install it systemwide. Google says to copy it to /usr/share/Gnome-Shell/extensions but ist don’t shows when I create another user. I’m also not sure if the extensions are updateable when I manually copy them. Is there a methot to install then system wide and make them updateable?

it should be /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
and all extensions need to have the proper folder structure. Examples
Once are there the shell needs to be reloaded.
For update, either must be a proper PKGBUILD (like AUR or your own) or you install them via Browser from extensions site, but then will be installed for your user only, because are made to run for each user separately anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ok. That’s not good. I have some extensions who make Gnome usable for smaller touchscreens. So they are required. I think I have to use Phosh. But I like the concept of Gnome more than the concept of Phosh.