Gnome Extensions Broken - Anyone Else?

Hey Everyone,

I have a few Gnome extensions break after the latest testing update ([Testing Update] 2022-10-03). I checked the main GitHub pages for each extension, but did not see any updates on if these will be fixed soon.

Gnome Extensions Not Working:
-Compiz alike windows effect
-Extension Update Notifier
-Hide Activities Button

Anyone else seeing problems with these extensions on your system? Thanks.

You can check for each if they are compatible with gnome shell 42 on the extensions site. For instance

Compiz alike windows effect - GNOME Shell Extensions is only compatible with gnome shell version 41

was not update since version 3.28 Extension Update Notifier - GNOME Shell Extensions

should be compatible even with shell version 43 but i think you have to remove it and then reinstall it Hide Activities Button - GNOME Shell Extensions