Gnome Encfs Manager - no tray icon

I recently installed Gnome Encfs Manager form AUR repository --- gnome-encfs-manager-bzr.

The installation went smoothly. The application is available via Windows -> Gnome Encfs Manager.

But it does not show any icon on the top bar. In fact, I had to disable the preference to show the tray icon to ensure that I at least get to see the app window.

What do I need to do to get the tray icon for this application?

was not updated since 2015
maybe better to go with the gnome-encfs-manager-bin one ...

@bogdancovaciu Thanks. I had installed the bzr version because that was more popular. I have now installed the gnome-encfs-manager-bin from AUR.

But it behaves just the same. No tray icon. I tried logging out and back in. Still, no effect.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

I'll make an installation on VBox and test it ... and edit this post.

So, in installed it and i can create or import stashes ... It seems to work, but since i don't use it, i can't tell.

Please run the gnome-encfs-manager from terminal and copy and paste here all the errors you get. Use ``` above and bellow that text for proper formatting.

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@bogdancovaciu Here is the output:

Using Classic TrayIcon

But there is no tray icon or even the application window.

When I turn the tray icon off like thus:


I get the following output:

(gnome-encfs-manager:16113): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 17:23:16.388: _gtk_css_image_get_concrete_size: assertion 'default_width > 0' failed

Same behavior here. Using the topiconplus didn't worked either, so don't bother with that extension, seems obsolete ... Probably something in the gnome-encfs-manager needs to be updated for the Gnome 3.32.x to work properly in GUI.
Better to not run it at startup, or use the CLI to access stuff.
And if you click on Advanced to that window, you still can have some settings to help you.

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