GNOME Bluetooth settings controls hang when connecting Bluetooth keyboard

This issue cropped up after the 2021-03-08 Stable Update. When I attempt to connect my Bluetooth keyboard (Lenovo ThinkPad Trackpoint II) via the GNOME settings panel, Bluetooth shows the keyboard as connected, but then immediately refreshes with a “Bluetooth Turned Off” message.

However, even as this message is displayed, my other Bluetooth devices remain active, indicating that despite what the message is saying, Bluetooth remains on. The keyboard does not work, however.

Other relevant details:

  • Despite the “Bluetooth Turned Off” message, you’ll notice that the toggle switch for Bluetooth remains in the “on” position in the settings panel. The GNOME status menu similarly displays conflicting information, saying Bluetooth is off, but also offering the option to turn it off.
  • When I attempt to work around GNOME’s Bluetooth interface by opening bluetoothctl on the command line, it hangs with the message waiting to connect to bluetoothd . . .
  • The computer is a new Lenovo ThinkPad T14s (Intel Model) and the installation is Manjaro GNOME.

Finally, since all this is tricky to describe, I created a two-minute screencast showing how the interface is behaving.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Though I never found out specifically what caused it, this issue appears to be resolved after the 2021-04-18 Stable Update. I will update the thread if it crops up again.