Gnome: Bluetooth headphones, having to remove them and re-pair them every startup

How do I get Gnome to remember that the headphones exist?
In Windows Blutooth automatically detects them when I turn them on, and switches to them.

In Gnome?
I have tried turning them on FIRST, then start the computer: Result is that Gnome says they are paired, but I cannot actually enable them, and have to click "remove" and then "Pair" on my headphones.
I have tried turning them on AFTER starting the computer: Result is EXACTLY the same. It seems to me the Linux Blutooth driver is simply subpar. It's annoying to have to go into settings, remove device, take my headphones off and hold in the "Pair" button every time I start the computer.

Edit: If i boot with the headphones ON, I can manually connect them. That is, I still have to go into blutooth settings, and hit the "connect" button there.

A tip online was to install Blueman and do the settings there. It worked for several people who have had similar symptoms back in 2018 with various devices (headphones, keyboards, mice) in Cinnamon and Gnome:

Install Blueman, config the connection there. It most definitely have far more options and a better (but uglier) interface. The Gnome Bluetooth interface is, as everything else, minimal, which means if something isn't working out of the box, you have to edit config files. I'll test this and see what happens.

Also went thru a guide to copy the key from Windows, still doesn't work.

I have to delete and repair the headphones every boot. Bloody annoying.

Have you turned off any other previously paired devices such as your phone?

Nope. But I never paired it.

That said the key I think is dual boot with windows, different keys.

However, even when I manually change key then it still doesn't work.

Progress. Last time I followed a guide to copy the link key from Windows to Manjaro it worked... ish. I still have to manually tell it to CONNECT, but I don't have to re-pair it.

Install 'paprefs' - Pulse Audio Preferences - from the repo to make setting up simultaneous audio output easier.....just another random bluetooth hint.

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