Gnome application launcher button is interfering full-screen videos dual monitors

I want to do stuff on another monitor without it shrinking my screen is there a way to click the application launcher not have it do anything to the other screen

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It’s not clear what you’re calling the application launcher button since a few extensions have different variations. Please post the output of:

gnome-extensions list --enabled

sorry was not on that pc at the time posting. show applications button on the dash the square whit 9 dots

That’s the Show Applications button on Dash to Dock. Either way the App Grid cannot be limited to one monitor, that’s just the way GNOME works.

However, you could install Pop Shell (gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell) and use it’s application launcher using Super+/. It appears independently only on the monitor the mouse is active on.

yup figured that may not be changeable thanks for the workaround

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